KROM Rosadama Maple kendama

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Kendama mis on sündinud venna ja õe armastusest oma kassi vastu.

Rosadama sündis kunstiprojektist mille tegi Ragnhild May, Thorkildsi õde.

See kendama on täiustatud ja optimiseeritud KROM Pro tiimi poolt, et saaks mängida kõike stiile.



- Slip-safe rubber top allowing awesome trick 

- Sticky enough for boarder balance while slick enough for lighthouse 

- BIgger hole for endless spikes 

- KROM Scope Line, so you can always track the hole 

- Extra string, stringing tool and sticker 

- Unique design on every single kendama 

- Collaboration by Thorkild & Ragnhild May


"I used to live with my baby brother Thorkild in an allotment hut outside the city next to a big Star Ship Enterprise looking water tower. One day our neighbor asked if we wanted one of Sally’s kittens, because they couldn’t find a home for the last one. We called her Rosa. For a while I couldn’t focus on doing art or take my bike and go to the art academy. So we build a massive green screen in the living room to film Rosa using props from the garden. Rosa’s dad is called Kajser. I edited all

the footage using a lot of high tech computer graphics to make the art film “rosarumrejse” - (Danish for “rosaspacetrip”)." -Ragnhild May

Wanna see more of Rosa - Watch the original art project by Ragnhild May


Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the KROM Rosadama Maple kendama.

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