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About Kendamaeesti
We are the first company that started selling kendama, yoyo and other interesting toy's in Estonia and all Baltic States. Our company started movement of the kendama in Latvia and the Baltic States. Supporting, participating and hosting, the jams, school events, local and other cool events. Our own and partner organised events are being visited by worlds best kendama players like Bonz, Rolf, Jokbert etc., as well as we bring our own team together with us. We want to give our clients the best possible service and quality, that`s why we are offering most wanted brands and products by doing it fast and with a style.

What is Kendama?
Kendama is a game of skill and hand dexterity that originated in Europe, but really developed directly in Japan. Kendama has gained worldwide popularity, especially in recent years. It consists of ken (Japanese tree) and tama (ball). There are three cups - big, small and basic, and a spike on which to hit the ball. Kendama is made entirely of wood, the ball is covered with a special color. The design and use of this game has not changed much for hundreds of years.

The official large-scale Kendama freestyle competition has been going on for almost 20 years, including the World Kendam Championship, in which only one player has won 4 times - Bonz Atron from KROM Kendama. There is a huge variety of tricks - there are infinitely many combinations to make. The game develops coordination, dexterity of the hands and fingers, and enables other, less athletic people to succeed.

Kendamas are distinguished by their wood material (maple, for example, is more durable and lighter than others), by its color coating (stickier or slippery, in one layer or more) and, of course, by the design, which also plays a role in tricks (e.g. the bottom helps determine where its hole is during the trick).


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