What is kendama?

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What is kendama?


So, what is a kendama?

The kendama is a traditional Japanese skill toy. The ken has three cups and a spike which fits into the hole in the ball.

You can check out all the cool kendama designs here:


The interest in kendamas in the Baltics

Kendamas are becoming more and more popular in the Baltics. For example, in Latvia, the interest in kendamas grew drastically around October and in January almost every kid had a kendama! In the chart below you can see how often the word “kendama” was searched on Google in the last year.

While the popularity of kendamas has become constant and not growing anymore in Latvia, Estonia takes over the race by showing more and more interest in this wooden toy. Meanwhile in Lithuania people are just getting to know that the kendama is the best skill toy there is!


What is KROM kendama?

The Danish company KROM Kendama was created by professionals who had great success in high-end tournaments such as Catch & Flow's World Championship. In 2014 the champion was Thorkild May.
There are kendama types for players of any level. They differ in wood (for example, maple is more durable and lighter), in colour (more sticky or slippery colour coating) and of course - in design. Some specific designs give tracking possibilities to know, where the hole in the ball is.
The World Championships and other tournaments are valued similarly to winter sports freestyle competitions - snowboarding, skiing. Judges give points depending on the complexity of the tricks and the quality of execution at a given time. Bonz Atron needed 846 points in 2014 to become a world champion.