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We all love those cool kendama videos that are on Instagram and want to repeat them. However, you always must start with the basics, for example, Big cup, Small cup, Pull up spike and so on and on. Here are some easy tricks that you can begin with: Well, if you thought that it was too easy for you and you did everything with your first try, then it’s time to move on to more difficult level tricks. The YouTube channel kendama GLOKEN has awesome level trick compilations and explain what is performed, writing the tricks on the side of...

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  So, what is a kendama? The kendama is a traditional Japanese skill toy. The ken has three cups and a spike which fits into the hole in the ball. You can check out all the cool kendama designs here: The interest in kendamas in the Baltics Kendamas are becoming more and more popular in the Baltics. For example, in Latvia, the interest in kendamas grew drastically around October and in January almost every kid had a kendama! In the chart below you can see how often the word “kendama” was searched on Google in the last year. While...

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